In the heart of West Yorkshire – lies Elland, a small town with a big heart.

In Elland is a a quaint Picture House, a cinema which has retained many of it’s original vintage elements – the rich red seating, the organ at the front and even has a traditional usherette during films! Built in 1912 as a cinema – despite a few changes of uses and owners over the years, it hasn’t structurally changed at all. The cinema is loved by locals and is a destination for cinema goers for miles around. With one screen, and two showings per day – the cinema takes us back to the traditional way of viewing – showing old and new films during the week and organ recitals a few times a week too.

It has been used many times for filming, documentaries and photoshoots.

So we were thrilled when they agreed to let us use the space for our Autumn fashion shoot. An ideal location for our ‘Film Noir’ theme.




The silver screen became the prime leisure activity for many during the 1930s right through to the 50s. Films were one of the core influences on fashion too with stars promoting brands and styles. Cinema going is one of our favourite past times especially in through the autumn and winter months – and it seemed a fitting venue for our autumn winter shoot for colour and vintage feel.

As always, we had great fun during this shoot – my partners being Bethany from The Vintage Beauty Parlour who did a fantastic job with hair and makeup, Chris Lord from Chris Lord Photography and model – Tanya Beetham whom we have worked with for a number of years now.


The idea was to create the film noir mood with a nod to the past. We wanted atmosphere, faded elegance, sumptuous colours. Thanks to Chris’ innovative lighting and the great atmosphere in the cinema itself – we are really pleased with the result. Our seasonal colours of mustard, berry, navy & black in fabric of crepe and lace worked well in the setting. Topped off by Bethany’s film noir inspired makeup and hair.











Bethany brings so much experience to our shoots and we have worked together for a number of years now. Photoshoot demand a perfect finish – since every strand of hair shows – Bethany is a real perfectionist with an absolute focus on detail. We had several hair styles – a classic poodle, a veronica lake style and the classic scarf. We chose a smokey eye look rather than the classic vintage winged eyeliner but as always, my signature orange-red lip…

My favourite dress of this is the ‘Vivienne’ – inspired by an image I found of 30s/40s starlet ‘Vivienne Leigh’ – a late 30s reproduction dress based on one from my collection – We have recreated the dress in a stretch lace but lined. The neckline is super flattering and with so much detail in the dress – it really is a show stopper. We will be making this dress in a shorter length and in silk/viscose velvets. Watch this space.


My other fav item is the Elsie Blouse – in mustard and ivory – should be on sale any day. Review coming soon!

This is going to be a hard one to top for next time!

Thanks again to the Rex Cinema in Elland for their flexibility, support and giving their time for this shoot. Please find their details below:-


Check out the released images in Autumn look book here

October 23rd, 2017

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We are so excited to be back at The Festival of Vintage next weekend (22nd & 23rd April) for what is always a fabulous event. Packed full of dance classes, fashion shows, talks and q&as, live music, Make Do and Mend workshops, classic cars and shopping it’s always a firm favourite in our diary.  It is also the best place to sit and watch what everyone is wearing; their attention to vintage detail is inspiring so make sure you watch the Best Dressed Competition held on both days.

We are running fashion shows throughout the two days featuring both The House of Foxy and 20th Century Chap at 12.00 and 3.00pm with some new exciting designs to reveal to you. Best get there early to bag a front row seat!

We have teamed up with them to offer one lucky person a pair of weekend tickets for the festival with more details later, but first let’s talk fashion!

The festival embraces and loves the styles from the 1930s-1960s (there’s no 1980s retro at this event!) which let’s face it, are our favourites too – with some 1920s thrown in for good measure. So, we thought we would pull together a little guide for what to wear, Foxy style.




Surely the “must have” item for the 1930s is the beach pyjama.

New to our collection, this will bring glamour to the festival even though they are based on the new casual dressing from the late 20s and 30s.

Here we have taken influence from the wide leg sailor styles also popular at the time, as well as now, and echoed other key details such as the drop tie and colouring.

Can you believe there is almost 3 metres of fabric in these pyjamas?

Made from rayon crepe for true vintage draping, with patch pockets and a matching kimono to keep off the sun, this look will surely get you noticed plus you will be so comfortable throughout the day.












There are so many pieces to choose from for you to get the 1940s look here at The House of Foxy, but we have chosen what we feel is the perfect vintage style dress that will see you through to summer.

The Grable tea dress is our 2017 version of a best-selling design, this time with a warm red crepe skirt and a geometric patterned bodice.

This dress is the perfect dress to dance in, so a great choice for the festival as they are teaching us a whopping 6 styles of dance over the two days from jive to balboa.

The dress named after our favourite Betty Grable, is truly flattering; with a slimming fit around the waist with elegant short sleeves with a touch of shirring and a sweeping 7-gore skirt to float you through any dance.












For those of you who love the 1950s, how about wearing our new Doris day dress, which will be perfect for the whole day with all the walking you will be doing (while you browse over 100 sellers!).

Based on an original design, this dress has all the detailing you expect from us to bring you a frock that could almost be from the era itself. It has an interesting and unique bodice design that gathers under the bust and tabs at the shoulder in contrast black buttons and is finished into a flattering square neckline.

Grown on sleeves hug the shoulders and the button detail is mirrored in the single pocked on the semi full skirt.

Team up with a simple white cardigan and get set to shop!














There are so many styles to choose from the 1960s; the mini dress, the wiggle dress but also the fit and flare.

We feel the best dress for the festival is our new Lucy dress in an amber floral. This design is very typical of the early 1960s, and we have taken inspiration from a 1963 Sears catalogue but created it in a wearable, washable fabric with simpler lines.

The deep waist panel makes it so flattering for everyone, and the scoop neckline, full pleated skirt and the cute cap sleeves makes this dress our must have summer frock – imagine the picnics wearing this!













Whatever era you decide to wear, make sure you drop by our stand and say hello! We can’t wait to meet you all.

Here is a video from last year’s fashion show

If you want to win a pair of weekend tickets for The Festival of Vintage in York? (who wouldn’t?) then simply share this post on social media, tag us using #thehouseoffoxy and we will choose a winner by weds 19th April. Winners will be notified via social media.



T’s and C’s

  • Tickets are for the day event only and do not include travel, accommodation nor entry into the evening event
  • Tickets are not transferrable.

April 14th, 2017

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For the past six years I have been trying to achieve a specific goal: to create the ultimate vintage trousers for us ladies. Everyone who knows us, knows i am never satisfied and am always searching for improvements – but sometimes there simply isn’t one solution – and in this case there are 4!

So far, we have produced 4 specific styles of vintage trousers starting with the high waist swing pants, quickly moving to the 30s inspired sailor slacks – a few years later came the wide leg yoke pants and then more recently the Katherine Hepburn inspired 40s pleated trousers.

Wide leg, natural leg – turn up, no turn up – natural waist, high waist – button side, bib front – pleats, darts – etc… I think Im obsessed!

However, after feedback and speaking to our customers at shows and observing what ladies have bought – I have come to the simple conclusion that because we women come in all different shapes and sizes – we have simply been creating these different styles with that in mind.

1940s-womens-pants-slacks-2-300x450A bit of History & why we love the vintage trouser…

Safe to say it wasn’t really until the wartime 1940s that the average woman would have considered wearing trousers and this was only due to the fact that many were now working in factories and trousers were safer and warmer. Prior to that there were trends among the wealthy set that evolved from beach pyjamas from the late 20s onwards and there are a few fashion images from these times that feature trousers including the sailor styles slack. These trends came from the rise of sports as a major past time for women.

In the 1940s, however, the trousers women wore were initially mens but the growing need resulted in the production of trousers. They were functional rather than fashionable but, as we women tend to do – they made them work to their advantage.

So in my relentless search for inspiration on the perfect vintage trouser – here are our styles and a bit of history and which shapes tend to choose which style and why.

40sblouse_trousers1. The 40s High Waisted Swing Pant

This style was derived from a late 1930s pyjama pattern I acquired and is the very first style we produced. It first high on most people – at least 2 inches above the belly button and is darted to fit with the flare dropping from the upper hip. The style has 4 medium sized shell buttons on the left. Fabric is a nice quality poly/viscose with some stretch. The leg width is generous but not as wide as our other styles to adhere to lower fabric use guidelines of the 1940s. However, they do have a turn up which is perhaps not as wartime accepting – but gives a nice finish. Inside leg is 32″ (measuring 31 from crotch seam) and we offer a custom length service for this product.

The style works really well with blouses tucked in and then pulled out a little to enhance the waistline. Pair with a short jacket like the Americana.

Shape & fit Advice:-
Less wide leg means pear shapes find this style too lean on the thigh area. Style seems to work wonders on those without a defined waist like pillars, inverted triangles – many apple shape ladies have liked this style. If you have a flat bottom – this style is great because the high waist creates shape.

Click here to see our High Waisted 1940s Swing Trousers




1930s_40s_style_sailor_trousers_black2. Sailor Slacks

This style was inspired by the sailor fashions of the late 30s and American 40s – they fit on the natural waist but have a wide waist band and so can fit fairly high on some people. The size large buttons on the big front are fully functional and the leg width is a bit more generous than the 40s swing trouser. No turn up but a deep hem to allow for personal adjustment but to also give some weight to the trouser. Fabric is a nice quality poly/viscose with some stretch and has a 32″ leg.

These are a best selling style – possibly due to the button front which is VERY vintage/retro and so many ladies are drawn to it. Feedback is that they are extremely comfy!

Shape & fit Advice:-
You must remember that the use of buttons on the front means that this area will draw attention. Because they are functional, there may be some gaping if they are very tight. Some ladies like this – some ladies don’t.
This style is popular with all shapes BUT works best on hourglass, pillar and average pear shapes. Extreme pear shapes will find these a little tight on the thigh.

Click here for our Sailor Style Pants




yoke23. Yoke Pants

These are inspired by the beach pyjama styles of the late 20s and 30s due to the V yoke panel at the front. These are certainly inspired rather than being an authentic reproduction of a style but nevertheless, still a great vintage style that pairs great with all out tops.

This style has been a slow burner from a sales point of view BUT has sold very well when at shows and through stockists. Meaning ladies love it when tried on. Style is evolved from the sailor pant pattern and has a similar waist band which fits on natural waist and is quite wide. Style also has 4 large wooden buttons on the side which are a lovely feature. The magic element on this style, however, is the V yoke panel over the tummy. The yoke panel holds the tummy in rather than expanding too much to accommodate and the soft drapy fabric on the leg drops from there. Inside leg is 32/33″ but have no turn up and so are easy to take up.

Shape & fit Advice:-
We have been more generous with the waist band on this – which means that the style will fit ladies who have a wider waistline. The yoke on the tummy holds in BUT won’t behave like control pants… This style works very well on apple shapes, extreme pear shape due to wide leg but won’t work well for hourglass without adjustment to waist band.

Yoke Pants here




1940s_ladies_trousers-24. 40s Tailored Pleated Trousers

These are an authentically reproduced style – albeit using modern stretchy fabric. Taken and adapted from an original pattern – these are definitely our ‘most’ 1940s repro style in the collection. Wide waist band fits on natural waist and style has two deep pleats on the front which run into front creases. Darts in the back fit the bottom in a flattering way and style also has turn-ups. This is the first style of have pockets and a zip rather than buttons – although it has one shell button on the waist band.

Style has a real Katherine Hepburn vibe to them but due to their recent design – we don’t have a lot of feedback just yet. However, this style is definitely one that creates shape as they are designed to give that boxy 40s look since the pleats and pockets bring some extra to the hip area and thus enhance the waist.

Shape & Fit Advice:-
Pleated trousers are not for ladies who are overly conscious of their tummy area or who want to avoid bulk. However, for straight pillar shapes, inverted triangle or those who wish to disguise a flat bottom – this is a great style that creates shape.

Check out our 1940s pleated trousers here

January 9th, 2017

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Fancy doing the party season in 1940s style? There are plenty of options available to you at The House of Foxy. From 1940s Film Noir & Femme Fatale to wartime pinup plus some modern takes on the 1940s look – check out our ideas below:-



Classic 40s Film Noir Style – pair our Hayworth Dress with seamed stockings and turban hair wrap!

We love this Film Noir 40s look – an elegant look that you really won’t find on the high street.

40s Hayworth dress – from size 8 to 18 in stretch navy brocade – click here

Pair with this gorgeous scarf and wear as turban popular in the 40s and great if you are pushed for time. We’ve found a great video by our friend Sarah Bloor on how to do a 40s turban style here

Add some bling with this gorgeous vintage inspired brooch and some diamante stuff earrings.

Finish with some seamed stockings!



For 1940s style with a modern twist –  we’ve paired our Veronica Jumpsuit with a bit of bling and a great clutch bag. You can wear any classic shoes with this style – a nice high heel we think! Plus a lovely Veronica Lake inspired hairdo is easily achievable and a nice compromise between modern and vintage.

Veronica jumpsuit – here
Veronica Lake hairstyles – click here to view a great tutorial
Clutch Bag – here


For a classic 1940s look we love the Grable Tea Dress or Tea Dance Dress with our Americana Jacket. This is a really authentic 40s look

1940s Grable Tea Dress in Peony – available size 8 to 24 – click here

Matching peony chiffon Scarf

40s Americana Jacket

Pin Curl Hair Tool

December 14th, 2016

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