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Sustainability Policy

At The House of Foxy, we have always considered our products to be investment pieces to be kept and worn many times, and therefore be the opposite of fast fashion. 

However, we continue to our endeavour to become as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

In order to do this, we at The House of Foxy and our sister/brother brands are:

  • Working hard to increase recycling throughout the business  
  • Ensuring that all bags, packaging, garment tags and e-commerce bags are made from recyclable materials, biodegradable or sourced from certified sustainable sources
  • Recycling our textile waste and working with partners to deal with any samples, off cuts and fabric ends accumulated to help ensure none of our garments or used textiles end up in landfill
  • Using recycling points in all our studios, warehousing and offices for everything
  • Working hard to eliminate single use plastics  
  • Making sure that we are all mindful of our 'footprint' from considering how much we print to how much we need to travel
  • Try to source fabrics and trim from local or UK based suppliers where possible to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Try to use eco-friendly fabrics such as Ecovero viscose as much as possible

Our Manufacturing
Most of our products are made here at our 'onsite' factory in Yorkshire, England. The remainder and majority of our brother/sister brand products are made in European factories which are run in accordance with EU policies. We visit and inspect the overseas factories that we use to ensure that they are safe, healthy, fair and joyful places to work.