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Flagship Stockist Mondo Kaos in Copenhagen



So we went to visit Mondo Kaos in Copenhagen. This is one of our flagship stockists because we have almost all our ranges in this shop.

Bricks and mortar shops are really important to us. They help us to ensure we can manufacture higher numbers and they give us important feedback on which products fit well etc. Moreover, they are part of The House of Foxy family and there is mutual love in abundance.

We have been stocking Mondo Kaos in Copenhagen for five years and this was the second time we had the opportunity to visit. Stine and her colleagues always make us feel really welcome and it is a busy and vibrant shop in a trendy district. It was opened in 2006 and has a very large selection of vintage inspired clothing mainly focused on the 40s, 50s & 60s. You can find the website here:

I think their favourite items from The House of Foxy are the Ava, Grable and Hayworth dresses. We think they will be excited about some of our new autumn winter styles - the 40s peplum dress in particular but we always take their feedback into consideration since they have so much more one to one contact and feedback from customers (will admit a pang of jealousy as i would love a shop!).

They are really innovative and always on the look out for new ideas. They stock a large range of swimwear, accessories and shoes too and certainly put some great outfits together! Fine them on social media @mondo_kaos

The lovely Stine (on the right)

I personally love Denmark and particularly Copenhagen - its a fairly small city - extremely friendly and it feels really safe. It's true that Denmark doesn't have a large vintage community but one that is strong and definately growing and i also had the amazing opportunity to attend a vintage festival whilst i was there!

In an era where bricks and mortar shops are increasingly under threat (certainly in the UK), Mondo Kaos is a shop that is simply a joy to visit and we certainly recommend you do so if you visit wonderful Copenhagen :-)

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