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Vintage 1930s Style Shorts

Last year I bought some 1930s shorts from a vintage trader. I struggled to fit them but I bought them anyway because they are a work of art. White linen, pleated, top stitched, mother of pearl buttons on both sides and even had a name tag. I love them so much - and I will admit that at this moment, their main role is wall adornment....

However, thereafter i have been on a mission to make these shorts and I do believe it was a fated exercise. As in September 2016, i bought a shorts pattern from a vintage trader who i met at a very random vintage car event in a small west yorkshire town. (Yes - very random) So over winter, we started work.

The pleated short was an iconic item from the new sport casual styles growing in popularity in the late 1930s and early 1940s when ladies began to partake in exercise and sporting pursuits. Im sure i remember our gym shorts at school looking a bit like these - before they were replaced by the unattractive and tight fitting cycling shorts :-( Or am i thinking of the skort?

The issue with vintage styles is that in order to provide these gorgeous shorts for your lovely ladies and enabling them to be affordable - we have to compromise on some detailing. The problem being that time is more expensive than it was in the 1940s - moreover, this was a time when many ladies made their own garments and would have a vested interest to add the detailing.

We think we cracked it though...and are still able to make these shorts here in Blighty!

These shorts are pleated AND topstitched - we couldn't compromise on that. They do, however, have a zip and that has modernised them a little. The fabric is our signature poly/visc mix fabric - which means it is washable and hardy with a little stretch.

In any case, these shorts are fitted on the waist which make them flattering or many figures and are full due to the pleats.

I really think they are a fabulous addition to the foxy catalogue.

I hope you take as much joy in wearing them as I did in making them :-)

Available in tan, navy & red

xx Clare @ Foxy

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