Vintage Style Dresses inspired by 1930s 1940s 50s & 60s

Our vintage style dresses are inspired by original garments, photographs or patterns from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s & 60s.

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The Goodwood Grable Tea Dress Ensemble - Poppy
30s Evelyn Dress - Buttermilk Crepe
40s Ingrid Dress - Summer Spray
40s Hayworth Evening Dress - Summer Spray
40s Gracie Wrap Dress - Pixie
40s Shirt Waister Dress - 30s Green
40s Homefront Dancing Dress - 30s Green
40s Grable Tea Dress - Teal
40s Grable Tea Dress - Love Story
40s Gracie Wrap Dress - Love Story
40s Shirt Waister Dress - Powder Blue
40s Homefront Dancing Dress - Blush Pink
30s Evelyn Dress - Blush Pink Crepe
30s 'Ava' Tea Dress - Love Story
40s Homefront Dancing Dress - Love Story
40s Hayworth Evening Dress - Orchid
30s Evelyn Dress - Powder Blue Crepe
40s Shirt Waister Dress - Chartreuse
40s Grable Tea Dress - Navy
40s Lana Peplum Dress - Nightblossom
40s Grable Tea Dress - Red
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