Vintage Style Tailoring

There is nothing quite like the slick tailoring of the 1930s and 1940s suits.

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70s Classic Corduroy Jacket - Tan
70s Classic Corduroy Jacket - Wine
30s Front Pleat Skirt - Olive Herringbone
30s Tailored Jacket - Olive Herringbone
Landgirl Breeches - Fawn Corduroy
30s Tailored Jacket - Brown Herringbone
30s Front Pleat Skirt - Brown Herringbone
Ladies Plus Fours - Olive Herringbone
Margot Fitted Waistcoat - olive herringbone
Margot Fitted Waistcoat - brown herringbone
Ladies Plus Fours - Brown Herringbone
Landgirl Breeches - Deep Olive Corduroy
On Sale 50s Couture Long Coat - Mocha
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