Vintage Inspired Blouses from The House of Foxy

Get the perfect vintage style look with our collection of 1930s and 1940s style blouses made in authentic fabrics and prints

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1930s Bonnie Blouse - Ivory
1930s Bonnie Blouse - Blush
30s Tie Neck Blouse - Wish Print
Collared Peasant Blouse - black/multi
1930s Bonnie Blouse - Soft Coral
Collared Peasant Blouse - multi/ivory
1930s Bonnie Blouse - Celadon
30s Peasant Blouse - multi/black
30s Peasant Blouse - multi/ivory
Spearpoint Collar Shirt - White
Spearpoint Collar Shirt - Blue Stripe
30s Tie Neck Blouse - Antique Crepe
30s Tie Neck Blouse - Ebony Crepe
30s Tie Neck Blouse - Kingfisher Crepe
1930s Bonnie Blouse - Antique
30s Peasant Blouse - silver emb
30s Peasant Blouse - Red emb
On Sale 30s Peasant Blouse - Blue emb
30s Harlow Cowl Blouse - Blush
30s Shawl Blouse - Ivory
Peasant Blouse - Ivory Gold
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