The strangest year on record continues…but we have enjoyed the time to work on new styles and ideas for both the upcoming AW season and for next year. Although we cannot ignore the doom and gloom of the news – nor avoid worrying for our future of our businesses – but what I can do is spend some of the time immersing myself in the joys of creating lovely new things and trialling new fabrics. We have certainly been using this time well 🙂

The Utility Coat 

First on the agenda was the new 1940s Utility coat. Always something i’d been thinking about following the great success of our 50s couture and glam coats. I think we will release a new style of coat each autumn – they are beautiful to design and work on – but take time and the fabric is expensive.

We want to produce coats our customers will treasure and wear for many years – so quality is really important.


Ive always loved and enjoyed the practical fashions of the early 1940s – the elegant and understated styles emphasised by the fantastic hairstyles, accentuated shoulders and a strong red lip. Although the designs were particularly steered by the events of the time and the austerity rules that needed to be followed, it nethertheless produced styles that were innovative (in terms of use of fabric and how to get more from less), super comfy and very wearable.

So I wanted to create a practical early 1940s coat and set about researching original garments, photos and looking at original patterns. This was possible the first time i was focussed on practicality as well as silhouette!  A bit of creative licence was needed to make this work in our modern market – less exaggerated shoulders so coveted in the 40s and a slimmer silhouette.

I wanted something super warm, elegant but in the main – super wearable! Below is a summary of my favourite design elements.


Im overjoyed by the result and this beauty is now available in 3 fabrics. We hope you enjoy wearing our new favourite coat and look forward to seeing some amazing pics of you wearing it!



October 29th, 2020

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  • Marcia Winterburn says:

    Stunning coat…. Any advice on what outerwear those of us who live in a wet Cumbria could wear, but still have a nod to vintage? My practical parka just doesn’t look right over 40s/50s style clothing!

    • foxylady says:

      Hi Marcia

      I know the feeling – having been in Hawkshead recently in my ‘sample’ plus fours – i felt ‘style hindered’ by my very unflattering mainstream waterproof jacket. I haven’t yet got a solution to this problem but suffice to say – it is definitely on my radar! It might be next year before the solution is realised! xx Clare @ Foxy

      • Marcia Winterburn says:

        That sounds exciting! Of course, there is the trusty trench coat, but if you were in the Lakes, you may have experienced how wet, chilly and windy it can get here! I’ve bought 2nd hand lined trenches before but the proportions just haven’t been right;a bit too 80s,and not nice ’80s does 40s 80s’…..just naff 80s!(oh what a sad decade I grew up in!) Can’t wait for you to come up with a solution. Looking forward to the plus fours…. I’ve recently become a customer, and I do think I’m a tad addicted to Foxyness!

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