Vintage Fashion and Style Guides

The 20th Century provides us with a wealth of inspiration, each decade experimenting with different styles, cuts and fabrics. With the two world wars resulting in so much social change for women, fashion, of course, reflected this.

Most of us have a favourite decade...the chic drop waist styles of the 1920s, the wilowy and superbly cut 1930s dresses, the draping and clever cutting of the 1940s, the fabulous glamour of the 1950s or the chic sophhistication of the early 60s.

Whatever your leanings - check out our style guides to help you find your favourite decade...

1920s Style Guide

The era of the drop waist & cloche hat - from Flapper to Chanel's LBD. Click for 1920s fashion

1950s Style Guide

Often called the golden age of couture fashion in the 1950s was full skirt or pencil, capris and sweater girls Read about 1950s fashion here

1930s Style Guide

The design deco and era of the bias cut - from Hollywood Glam to Sports Casual. Click for 1930s fashion

1960s Style Guide

The era of Pan Am, Madmen and Jackie O chic. Fashion was in transition....Click for 1960s Fashion

1940s Style Guide

The era of war and utilty but also a time of change - from Land Army to Film Noir. Read about 1940more

Goodwood Revival Guide

Looking for ideas for Goodwood Revival? Look no further with our  style guide  Goodwood Revival fashion guide

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