1930s fashion

A collection of 1930s fashion and clothing including 1930s vintage style evening wear dresses & wide leg sailor style pants. Worldwide shipping

1930s Fashion

30s Harlow Cowl Blouse - forget me not
30s Peasant Blouse - silver emb
30s Peasant Blouse - multi emb
30s Peasant Blouse - Red emb
30s Peasant Blouse - Blue emb
30s Pleated Shorts - Khaki
30s Harlow Cowl Blouse - Blush
30s Harlow Cowl Blouse - Crocus
30s Harlow Cowl Blouse - 30s Green
30s Sailor Pants - Red
30s Sailor Pants - Black
30s Sailor Pants - Navy
30s Joanie Bias Cut Dress - Crocus
1930s Flutter Skirt - Berry
Marlene Waistcoat - charcoal chalk stripe
30s 'Ava' Tea Dress - 30s Green
30s 'Ava' Tea Dress - Powder Blue
30s Shawl Blouse - Ivory
30s Riviera Yoke Pants - airforce blue
30s Riviera Yoke Pants - black
30s Riviera Yoke Pants - Red
Peasant Blouse - Ivory Multi
30s Pleated Shorts - Bottle Green
Peasant Blouse - Ivory Gold
30s Pleated Shorts - Navy
30s Wallis Blouse - Ivory
30s Shawl Blouse - Summer Spray
30s Sailor Pants - Khaki
30s Harlow Cowl Blouse - Chartreuse
30s Harlow Cowl Blouse - Daisy Chain
30s Wallis Blouse - Daisy Chain
30s Pleated Shorts - Tan
30s Pleated Shorts - Red
30s Tie Neck Blouse - Postcard
30s 'Ava' Tea Dress - Postcard
Marlene Waistcoat - navy pin stripe
30s Marlene Trousers - charcoal chalk stripe wool
1930s Bonnie Blouse - Ivory
1930s Bonnie Blouse - Blush
30s Marlene Trousers - Brown Herringbone
30s Marlene Trousers - navy pin stripe wool
1930s Deco Panel Skirt - Berry
1930s Deco Panel Skirt - Red
30s Sailor Blouse - Ivory Crepe
30s Vera Dress - Kingfisher
30s Vera Dress - Black
30s Evelyn Dress - Navy Crepe
30s Bow Neck Top - red
1930s Cabaret Flutter Dress - Black & Ivory
Boyfriend Pyjamas - Stripe
1930s Cabaret Flutter Dress - Rust
20s Sheba Evening Gown Set - Ebony Satin
20s Sheba Evening Gown Set - Sage Satin
30s Vera Dress - Sumptuous Print
1930s Deco Panel Skirt - Bottle
30s Vera Dress - Navy
Art Deco Fan Drop Earrings - Rust Glitter
Art Deco Fan Drop Earrings - Silver
30s Vera Dress - Bloomsbury
30s Siren Evening Gown - Rust Satin
30s Siren Evening Gown - Black Satin
30s Joanie Bias Cut Dress - Sumptuous Print Satin
30s Joanie Bias Cut Dress - Rust Satin
30s Joanie Bias Cut Dress - Ebony Satin
1930s Ginger Dress - Brown
30s Elsie Button Blouse - Antique Cream Crepe
1930s Deco Panel Skirt - Navy
30s 'Ava' Tea Dress - Kingfisher
1930s Deco Panel Skirt - Brown
30s Siren Evening Gown - Sage Green
30s Siren Evening Gown - Oyster
30s 'Ava' Tea Dress - Pixie
1930s Charm Dress - Teal
30s Joanie Bias Cut Dress - Pixie
1930s Deco Panel Skirt - Teal
30s Wallis Blouse - 30s Green
30s Wallis Blouse - Powder Blue Crepe
30s Shawl Blouse - Antique Cream
30s Elsie Button Blouse - Ivory Crepe
30s Sailor Pants - Teal
30s 'Ava' Tea Dress - Blush Pink
30s Sailor Blouse - Antique Cream Crepe
1930s Flutter Skirt - Moons Tweed
30s Tie Neck Blouse - Spring Bloomsbury
30s Evelyn Dress - Red Crepe
1930s Ginger Dress - Navy
30s Sailor Pants - Airforce Blue
30s Evelyn Dress - Ebony Crepe
30s 'Ava' Tea Dress - Ebony
30s Shawl Blouse - Ebony Black
1930s Flutter Skirt - Brown
30s Sports Blouse - Ivory Crepe
Round Buckle Belt - Bloomsbury
1940s Vivienne Evening Gown - Black Lace
30s Sailor Pants - Tan
1930s Flutter Skirt - Red
1930s Flutter Skirt - Navy