img_3952So this year we decided to take the important leap into bricks and mortar retail…many customers prefer to try the items on and like to see the garments in person. Unfortunately we cannot have visitors to the factory and warehouse – it would really spoil the glamour 😉

As many are aware, the enormous costs involved in having a physical shop means that many small businesses just can’t make it work easily. It has always been a dream and something we are still working towards.

So when I visited the marvellous ‘Space’ Vintage Emporium in Harrogate, and they had room for us, it seemed the perfect option. ‘Space’ has many vintage dealer concessions and we are now just one of many fab little shops selling fabulous vintage loveliness. If you like vintage and retro homewares, books, jewellery and furniture aswell as clothing – then you will love it! Plus – upstairs there is a splendid bar and eatery and a vinyl shop!


So – We now have a concession area at Space and try to stock the majority of our best selling lines alongside regular additions of new items. We restock roughly every two weeks and one of us is there fairly regularly to help with fit and style advice.

We do post on social media when we are going and what we are stocking – so keep an eye out!

So come along and see us or contact us to find out when one of us will be at Space


July 9th, 2017

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  • Louise Knight says:

    Hi there,

    Can you help me please?

    My graduation is on the 2nd October (Masters), I know I have left this so late as I wasn’t going to go. You have a few dresses I like such as the 30’s Evelyn, but what colour is celadon??…your website say this is only made to order in a size 12, is this true? (not saying you are fibbing of course!)

    You also have the 1930s charm dress in green, as natural redhead I think this may suit me.

    A coupe of questions:
    What is the delivery time of a size 12 please?
    Just confirming you do returns?
    You are a touch expensive (or I am just not that wealthy) do you have a voucher code for first time shoppers? (cheeky I know).

    Thanks you lovelies

    p,s the woman in the doorway on your website is our gorgeous vintage friend Kelly, Watson we are all meeting on Sunday for a vintage meet up, she raves about you 🙂

    • foxylady says:

      Hi Louise

      Celdaon is a very pale green – and is between a mint colour and sage green. Difficult to replicate correctly online and then, of course, there are monitor differences.

      I think the charm dress would be lovely for you.

      Yes, we are more expensive than some places – but this is not for profiteering but for covering costs and running a heart centred business. We have a british and a european (EU) factory – we don’t use far east or asian factories. Our fabrics are high quality – which are also more expensive. So our prices reflect that and our garments are, we hop, long term purchases that are cherished for years rather than worn a few times and thrown out.

      warm wishes

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