About Us

The House of Foxy is a British brand of womenswear that takes influence from the classic 20th Century fashions - primarily 1925 through to 1964.

We proudly manufacture the majority of our own range of vintage inspired clothing ethically in Britain and Europe. 

Our mission is to bring beautiful, demure and glamourous clothing to the world - inspired by a truly golden era.

Our values are to sell top quality clothing produced locally and in ethical circumstances and using local or regional businesses where possible.

Our passion is that we know that within these pages - there is the perfect outfit for every woman of every shape and that it will make her feel like a goddess!

If you are interested in stocking House of Foxy garments - please visit our wholesale site - click here

History and our humble beginnings...

Owner, Clare, bought her first vintage outfit when she was 14 - with the ill gotten gains from a rotten cleaning job. This was the start of many purchases - and resulted in the birth of an obsession in vintage clothing that started to get out of control! After a few children and a few changes in clothes sizes, the dissappointment when finding that the perfect dress doesnt fit you and there are no other sizes available, became too much to bear!

However, there are fabulous designer makers with the same obsession it seems... using new fabrics and new methods to give a vintage look but with the added benefit of sizes to choose from! Combining this with Clare's current role in marketing, saw the birth of 20thcenturyfoxy and now "the House of Foxy".

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