1950s Fashion

A large range of 1950s inspired dresses and 50s clothing. Including 1950s swing dresses, circle skirts & capri pants. Made in GB by The House of Foxy

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New Carved Poppy Red Fakelite Beads
New Wide Poppy Red Fakelite Bangle
New Tobacco Heavy Carve Fakelite Hoop Earrings
New Carved Pale Orange Fakelite Beads
New Midi Leopard Bangle
New Pale Orange Fakelite Hoop Earrings
New 50s 'Sandy' Contrast Collar Swing Dress - Green
Classic 3cm Belt - Red
Classic 3cm Belt - Navy
Wide Tobacco Heavy Carve Fakelite Bangle
Midi Pale Orange Fakelite Bangle
50s Cute Swing Jacket - Cross Hatch Brown
1950s Wrap Circle Dress - Racing Green
1950s Wrap Circle Dress - Berry
Classic 50s Belt - Black
1950s Connie Swing Dress - Bottle Green
50s Cute Swing Jacket - Oatmeal Wool
50s Cute Swing Jacket - Rich Red
1950s Wrap Circle Dress - Red
Coquette Swing Dress - Nautical
La Rosa 50s Cocktail Dress - Royal Brocade
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