1940s Fashion

A collection of 1940s fashion and clothing inspired by wartime fashions. Including 1940s tea dresses, film noir style evening wear, swing trousers & skirts.

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40s Whirlaway Skirt - Khaki
40s Shirt Waister Dress - 30s Green
40s Homefront Dancing Dress - 30s Green
40s Long Sleeve Shirt Blouse - Summer Spray
40s Grable Tea Dress - Teal
40s Grable Tea Dress - Love Story
40s Gracie Wrap Dress - Love Story
40s Shirt Waister Dress - Powder Blue
40s Homefront Dancing Dress - Blush Pink
Back in stock 40s Whirlaway Skirt - Teal
40s Style Keyhole Blouse - Love Story
30s 'Ava' Tea Dress - Love Story
40s Homefront Dancing Dress - Love Story
40s Swing Dance Skirt - Love Story
40s Waterfall Skirt - Teal
40s Style Shirt Blouse - Powder Blue
30s Evelyn Dress - Powder Blue Crepe
30s 'Ava' Tea Dress - Spring Bloomsbury
40s Shirt Waister Dress - Chartreuse
40s Pussy Bow Long Sleeve Blouse - Spring Bloomsbury
40s Style Keyhole Blouse - Blush Pink
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