1930s Fashion

A collection of 1930s inspired fashion and clothing including 1930s vintage style dresses, 30s blouses and 30s wide fit trousers. Made by The House of Foxy

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New 30s Shawl Blouse - Summer Spray
New 30s Wallis Blouse - Ivory
New 30s Sailor Pants - Khaki
30s Harlow Cowl Blouse - Chartreuse
30s Harlow Cowl Blouse - Daisy Chain
30s Wallis Blouse - Daisy Chain
30s Sports Blouse - Very Berry
1930s Bonnie Blouse - Ivory
1930s Bonnie Blouse - Blush
30s Marlene Trousers - Brown Herringbone
30s Marlene Trousers - navy pin stripe wool
30s Marlene Trousers - charcoal chalk stripe wool
1930s Bonnie Blouse - Celadon
1930s Deco Panel Skirt - Red
30s Vera Dress - Kingfisher
30s Vera Dress - Black
1930s Cabaret Flutter Dress - Rust
20s Sheba Evening Gown Set - Sage Satin
20s Sheba Evening Gown Set - Ebony Satin
30s Vera Dress - Sumptuous Print
30s Vera Dress - Navy
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