Goodwood Revival Style Guide for Ladies

Goodwood Revival Dress Code

The first time we had a stall at Goodwood Revival, it would be an understatement to say that we were overwhelmed.... The event is truly a spectacle!

That was five years ago and the event just keeps on growing and evolving. Never a dull moment that's for sure! There are thousands of people that attend this event over the 3 days - most of whom are dressed in vintage or vintage style clothing. Some are vintage enthusiasts already - whilst others are new and maybe a little unsure of what to wear. 

At this time of year, we get many phonecalls from ladies asking for assistance on what to wear at Goodwood Revival - so we've put together a few ideas for you. The event generally covers 1940s to 60s - so the below offers some guidance.

Clothing Ideas for 1940s Fashion Enthusiasts

Since Goodwood Revival covers the post war period up to the 1960s - there are plenty of styles to choose from. The 1940s gives you lots of clothing options depending on what you feel comfortable in. Less 'dressy' than the 50s and 60s, the 1940s is essentially a more practical way of dressing but is ultimately feminine and demure.

1940s Goodwood Revival Key Look 1: Woman at Work/Home Guard Hun

This doesnt have to be as dour as it sounds. This is a great style for ladies who prefer trousers or more practical clothing than the glamour of the 50s & 60s and not to have to worry as much about accessories. Many ladies at Goodwood Revival choose to don a WW2 uniform or land army girl style as pictured below. Why not try a practical 40s shirt dress if you prefer a skirt style. Remember the iconic 40s hair styles - check out youtube for some great ideas.

goodwood revival 1940s clothing ideas


During the 40s it became much more acceptable for ladies to wear trousers but these styles are still very different to our modern versions. High waisted, wide leg trousers are really flattering and should be paired with a waisted jumper, blouse and jacket. Our 1940s style trousers are best seller at Goodwood - click here to view

1940s Goodwood Key Look 2: Film Noir 

The American style in the 1940s took a direction of its own as supplies werent affected in the same way as Europe. At Goodwood Revival, many ladies adopt the ultimate sophisticated clothing of the 1940s hollywood glamour - whether that be a suit with a fur or an elegant floral tea dress. Remember the must have accessory for this outfit - headwear! This may be in form of a tilt hat, a beret or even a scarf. As seen on the ladies below

1940s goodwood ladieswear

The House of Foxy is reknown for it's authentic collection of 1940s designs. Click here to peruse our 1940s collection of ladiewear perfect for Goodwood Revival.

Clothing Ideas for 1950s Fashion Enthusiasts

Goodwood Revival is, for many, the perfect opportunity to dress up to the nines! For those of you who like a glamourous look and want to feel like you're really dressing differently then a 1950s inspired choice is the one for you!

There's no doubt that the 1950s look is one of the most flattering for all shapes - whether you go for a sultry wiggle pencil style or a full and frothy petticoat - it's all so glam. Take a look at our 50s suggestions....

1950s Goodwood Revival Key Look 1: Full & Frothy

Make sure you go to town with accessories and try to be fully colour coordinated throughout. Polka dots and bright colours including florals are a great choice

1950s goodwood lady
This gorgeous Lady pictured at Goodwood 2015 has chosen our 1950s Swing Ensemble that comes with a boned dress, full skirt and a matching bolero. She has added a full chiffon petticoat and acquired a matching hat. See our full range of 1950s Full & fancy outfits here

1950s Goodwood Revival Key Look 2: Wiggle your way

For those who like to dress well but want a sophisticated look - then adopting the 1950s pencil line style is for you. You can do this in a number of way - a sexy wiggle dress that hugs your curves or a more conservatuive pencil skirt paired with a boat neck top and a 50s style swing coat. These two versions are epitomised in the image below. 

 50s goodwood revival style ideas

If you like to be a little bit daring - add a splash of animal print ;-)
To see our full range of 1950s fashion - click here

Clothing Ideas for 1960s Fashion Enthusiasts

Fancy yourself as Joan from Madmen? The 60s doesn't have to just mean a mini skirt or mod look. For many, the 60s epitomises the grown up glamour of the 'pill box hat' styles from Jackie O and Pam Am. This is a perfectly classy look for Goodwood Revival. So get your twin sets out and your pearls and check out our grown up glamour options whioch are perfect for Goodwood.-

1960s Goodwood Revival Key Look 1: Jackie O Chic

The original fashionable First Lady managed to maintain her impeccable style throughout her time in the White House. Jackie's style was prim skirt suits, pillbox hats and accessorised to the max and made her the style inspiration for women across America. This is a super chic look.

goodwood revival 60s ladieswear

Top Tip: Max out this with coordinated accessories and super sized dark glasses

1960s Goodwood Revival Key Look 2: Classy Cocktail

As seen on the likes of Joan Holloway in Madmen, the cocktail dress in the early 60s was an absolute must have and so so flattering! Rich colourful fabrics were often satin and brocades or metallics which softly cling to the body whilst at the same time creating shape. Many styles included the ruched waistband - which emphasised the waist. Deep pleats at the top of the skirt also created shape..

goodwood revival 60s clothing ideas

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