1930s fashion

A collection of 1930s fashion and clothing including 1930s vintage style evening wear dresses & wide leg sailor style pants. Worldwide shipping

1930s Fashion

30s Shawl Blouse - poppy spray
30s Shawl Blouse - Ebony Black
30s Shawl Blouse - Ivory
1930s flutter skirt - brown
1930s Sweet Thing Dress - Walnut
30s 'Ava' Tea Dress - Walnut Deco Dot
30s Evelyn Dress - celadon crepe
30s Evelyn Dress - soft coral crepe
30s 'Ava' Tea Dress - Crocus
30s 'Ava' Tea Dress - Celadon
30s Sports Blouse - ivory crepe
Round Buckle Belt - Bloomsbury
30s Beach Pyjama Set - Crocus
30s 'Ava' Tea Dress - Bloomsbury
30s 'Ava' Tea Dress - Ebony
30s Prim Blouse - Bloomsbury
30s Prim Blouse - Ivory
30s Prim Blouse - Soft Coral
30s Tie Neck Blouse - Bloomsbury
30s 'Ava' Tea Dress - Spring Orient
30s Tie Neck Blouse - Walnut Deco Dot
30s Elsie Button Blouse - black crepe
1930s flutter skirt - tweed wool
1940s Vivienne Evening Gown - Black Lace
1930s Charm Dress - bottle
30s Elsie Button Blouse - ivory crepe
30s Elsie Button Blouse - mustard crepe
30s 'Ava' Tea Dress - Mustard
30s Sailor Blouse - mustard crepe
30s Sailor Pants - tan
30s Sailor Pants - Red
30s Sailor Pants - Deep Brown
1930s Sweet Thing Dress - Berry
30s Sailor Blouse - vintage ebony crepe
30s Prim Blouse - ebony gingham
30s Sailor Pants - Navy
30s Sailor Blouse - vintage ivory crepe
30s Tie Neck Blouse - ivory crepe
1930s Charm Dress - navy
1930s flutter skirt - black
Art Deco Sterling Silver Stud Earrings
30s Tie Neck Blouse - ebony crepe
30s Siren Evening Gown - rouge velvet
30s Siren Evening Gown - midnight velvet
1930s flutter skirt - red
1930s flutter skirt - navy
30s Sailor Pants - Black