1960s Fashion

A collection of 1960s fashion and clothing including 60s inspired mini dresses and madmen style wiggle dresses. Made in Great Britain by The House of Foxy

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1960s Lucy Dress - Amber Floral
Mansfield Dress - Scarlett
Back in stock Mansfield Dress - Black
Dolce Vita Evening Dress - red polka
1960s Bardot Dress - Dark Emerald
60s Manhattan Cocktail Dress - black & gold
60s Bead Statement Necklace
1960s Jackie O Dress & Jacket - Scarlett
Dolce Vita Evening Dress - cool sublime floral
1960s Lucy Dress - navy polka dot
Back in stock 1960s Peggy Dress - Blk/Animal
Back in stock Dolce Vita Evening Dress - Emerald
1960s Bardot Dress
1960s Style Flower Earrings
Back in stock 1960s Lucy Dress - Red
Back in stock 1960s Peggy Dress - Navy
Queen Bee Wiggle Dress - blue/tan
1960s Lucy Dress - Navy
Dolce Vita Evening Dress - ebony
Dolce Vita Evening Dress - Scarlet
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