1950s Fashion

A large range of 1950s inspired dresses and 50s clothing. Including 1950s swing dresses, circle skirts & capri pants. Made in GB by The House of Foxy

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Classic 50s Belt - Black
50s 'Sandy' Contrast Collar Swing Dress
1950s Wrap Circle Dress - red
Coquette Swing Dress - nautical
Coquette Wiggle Dress - black
50s Femme Fatale Wiggle Dress Set - Black
1950s Connie Swing Dress - Navy
50s Norma Jean Blouse - Navy
50s Norma Jean Blouse - Ivory
50s Crop Jacket - ebony
50s Crop Jacket - Red
50s 'Doris' Day Dress - Navy
50s Pencil Skirt - Tartan
50s Pencil skirt - red
50s Gina Cocktail Dress - Black
1950s Wrap Circle Dress - Black
50s Capri Pants - Black
Foxy Lady 50s Wiggle Dress - black
50s Pencil skirt - navy
50s Pencil skirt - Black
Coquette Wiggle Dress - nautical
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